Top 10 Doctors in Chak

Top 10 Doctors in Chak. Doctors are the most honourable and great profession, Doctors can assist restore function and lessen or eliminate pain by repairing fractured bones, muscle and tendon injuries, and other injuries.

They can also collaborate with other professionals to improve treatment, such as psychologists or Psychiatrists, rehabilitation doctors, and pain management specialists. Here is a list of the 17  Best Doctors in Chak.

Top 10 Doctors in Chak

Sr. No.Name of DoctorsAddressPhone Numbers
1Haafiz Clinicdistt shikarpur, Shahi Bazar, Chak, Shikarpur, Sindh 780500300 3146883
2Dr Ramchand ClinicQuaid-e-Azam Road, Jacobabad, Sindh0333 7357178
3Jokhio ClinicSukkur – Jacobabad Hwy, Sukkur, Sindh
4Dr Tanweer Ahmed Dayo (Dayo House)Masoom Shah Minar Rd, Sukkur, Sindh0345 5506666
5Muhammad jibranDhak Rd, Baghe Hayat Ali Shah, Sukkur, Sindh0314 5812499
6Bismillah ClinicDhak Rd, Fruit Market, Sukkur, Sindh
7Dr Mushtaque QamarBypass road, Patni, RCW Rohri, Sukkur, Sindh 651700333 7127263
8Dr.Asadullah MaharMasjid St, Sukkur Township, Sukkur, Sindh
9Zaid homeopathic clinicUnnamed Road, Sindh Cooperative Housing Society, Sukkur, Sindh0317 3298400
10Dr Riaz AhmedMinara Rd Waspur Mohalla, New Pind, Sukkur, Sindh 65200
11Dr Riaz NoonariUnnamed Road, Jacobabad, Sindh0302 3397699
12Sai jamat Ali shaRailway Station, Pathan Colony, RCW Rohri, Sukkur, Sindh0300 3130419
13Doctor`s comfort zoneUnnamed Road, Chak, Shikarpur, Sindh
14Diabetic Care ClinicHillTop Complex Near Darul-Shifa Hospital, Sukkur, Sindh(071) 5626020
15Ainee ENT Clinic Dr. Abdul Nabi SheikhMasoom Shah Minar Rd, Sukkur, Sindh0311 7281051
16Dr. Naseer Ahmed285H+5W8, Ghotki, Sindh0302 3366250
17Jumani Clinic AliwahanJumani Clinic Aliwahan Nea Gol Qadri Masjid Aliwahan, RCW Rohri, Sukkur, Sindh0312 7144497

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