Top 10 Hospitals in Kot Diji

Top 10 Hospitals in Kot Diji. A hospital is a structure that is designed, staffed, and equipped to diagnose disease, treat the sick and injured, and house them while they are undergoing treatment (both medical and surgical). Modern hospitals are frequently used as research and teaching centers.

Now hospitals are found in every country and city and they play a vital role in society. Here is a list of the 15 Best Hospitals in Kot Diji.

Top 10 Hospitals in Kot Diji

Sr. No.Name of HospitalsAddressPhone Numbers
1Civil Hospital KotdijiMehrano Rd, Kot Diji, Khairpur, Sindh
2Pphi hospital kotdiji8PQ3+WW9, Kot Diji, Khairpur, Sindh
3Taluka Hospital8PQ5+4C3, Kot Diji, Khairpur, Sindh
4Ayan Madical Stor9J8P+CP5, Kot Diji, Khairpur, Sindh
5BHU Fateh Ali Lashari KotdijiMain Fateh Ali Lashari Road, Kot Diji, Khairpur, Sindh
6Talpur Wada Hospital5HXP+84P, Kot Diji, Khairpur, Sindh0346 5066133
7Al Murad ClinicKot Digi Main Rd, Kot Banglo, Khairpur, Sindh
8Khamisani ClinicKatchery Rd, Mir Sikandar Ali Talpur Goth, Khairpur, Sindh
9City Hospital KhairpurFaujdari Road، Mirwah Colony, Khairpur, Sindh
10Civil HospitalKhairpur Rd, Khairpur, Sindh
11KKC Welfare Medical Center7JX6+R5C, Kumb, Khairpur, Sindh0302 3640338
12Shahe Zahra Maternity HomeNational Hwy, Kot Banglo, Khairpur, Sindh
13TB Hospital KhairpurTB Hospital, Banaras Colony, Khairpur, Sindh
14Al Shifa Medical CenterNational Hwy, Kot Banglo, Khairpur, Sindh
15HospitalNational Hwy, Khairpur, Sindh

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