Introduction of Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA)

Introduction of Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA). Ravi Urban Development Authority Lahore is Govt. Organization The Government of Punjab has planned the Ravi Riverfront Urban Development on both banks of the river alongside a 46 km long stretch that is parallel to Lahore district’s northern and western boundaries through its authority Ravi Urban Development Authority, in light of the city’s projected expansion and issues relating to water in the Ravi River.

What is Ruda?

The Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) aims to change the province’s urban areas into sustainable, livable, and well-managed economic growth engines. Urban growth and management are strongly bound to long-term metropolitan planning that is efficient, comprehensive, and strategic. Rapid urbanization has changed the socioeconomic and physical characteristics of cities over time. Cities’ physical growth has been distributed from the land uses proposed in master plans and other relevant documents.

Introduction of Ravi Urban Development Authority

Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab, is quickly urbanizing and becoming a major economic, financial, industrial, and socio-cultural hub. Lahore has a population of more than ten million people. This project is more than a development plan; it is a vision for making our future safer, greener, and better by assuring natural resource sustainability and availability. Water storage systems, water treatment plants, artificial lakes, and barrages, among many other approaches, will be used to manage water shortages in Ravi City.

Beyond natural water resource rehabilitation, the city will also serve as a hub for specialized development operations. Medical City, Knowledge City, Innovation City, Commercial City, Tourism & Entertainment City, and Sports City, among others, will focus on their respective disciplines and bring in revolutionary reforms to speed up the country’s development. The modern city will also provide all of the necessary amenities to its citizens, including a tree cover of six million trees that will be developed in the area.

Main Features of this City:

  • Medical City
  • Governmental City
  • Knowledge City
  • Mixed-use City
  • Sports City
  • Tourism and Entertainment City
  • Downtown
  • Commercial City

Frequently Asking Questions (FAQ)

Q.1 Who is Chairman of RUDA (Ravi Urban Development Authority)?

Ans: Salman Shah is a Chairman of RUDA

Q.2 Who is the CEO of RUDA (Ravi Urban Development Authority)?

Ans: Imran Amin is a Chief Executive Officer of RUDA

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