Top 10 Restaurants in Gambat

We always look for fresh and best taste. Here is the list of Top 10 Restaurants in Gambat, Pakistan. Nothing compares to good quality food – nothing! Food has the ability to bring people together in an inescapable way. Are you looking for tasty food and a good spot to eat?

Welcome to this ultimate guide to Gambat food here you can get all of the information you’ll need to get the famous and mouth-watering flavours of this beautiful city. So, here is the list of best places in Gambat for food lovers where they can satisfy their stomachs. May the finest food delight your taste buds. Here is the list of the top 19 Best Restaurants in Gambat.

Top 10 Restaurants in Gambat

Sr. No.Name of RestauranatsAddressPhone Numbers
1Taj Mahal Hotel & RestaurantN5, Kassan Colony, Gambat, Sindh 660700302 3671745
2Midway Hotel and restaurants gambat bypassGambat Bypass Rd, Gambat, Khairpur, Sindh 660700331 3120209
3Dahi Baray GambatUnnamed Road, Gambat, Khairpur, Sindh
4Shadi Lawn GambatUnnamed Road, Gambat, Khairpur, Sindh
5Noorani HotelAH2, Gambat, Khairpur, Sindh0300 3925770
6Cafe Saqi -ساقي9G3M+JPR, Gambat, Khairpur, Sindh
7Mairaj restaurantAH2, Gambat, Khairpur, Sindh
8Qadir Hotel & Restaurant9G3P+W3X, Gambat, Khairpur, Sindh
9Fast Pizza Cafe & Grill GambatGambat, Khairpur, Sindh0313 2223328
10Chaat Mahal GambatCivil Hospital, Gambat – Ranipur Roadd, Gambat, Khairpur, Sindh
11Zam Zam Hotel and Restaurant: AH2, Khairpur, Sindh
12Al-Baik Fast Food & RestaurantAH2, Gambat, Khairpur, Sindh0309 3738985
13New Sindh HotelGambat Station Rd, Gambat, Khairpur, Sindh0344 3560316
14Noor Hotel8GWM+VQM, Gambat, Khairpur, Sindh0300 2755897
15Big Pan Pizza GambatGambat, Khairpur, Sindh0300 8062888
16Royal Inn Hotel & RestaurantN5, Kassan Colony, Gambat, Sindh0300 2459725
17Pizzario ChicksGambat Station Rd, Gambat, Khairpur, Sindh0302 1283466
18Bemisaal BurgerGambat Station Rd, Gambat, Khairpur, Sindh
19Noorani RestaurantAfzal mahal, Afzal Colony Main Street 1, Gambat, Khairpur, Sindh0300 8131057

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