Top 10 Restaurants in Khuzdar

We always look for fresh and best taste. Here is the list of Top 10 Restaurants in Khuzdar, Pakistan. Nothing compares to good quality food – nothing! Food has the ability to bring people together in an inescapable way. Are you looking for tasty food and a good spot to eat?

Welcome to this ultimate guide to Khuzdar food here you can get all of the information you’ll need to get the famous and mouth-watering flavours of this beautiful city. So, here is the list of best places in Khuzdar for food lovers where they can satisfy their stomachs. May the finest food delight your taste buds.

Top 10 Restaurants in Khuzdar

Sr No.Restaurants NameAddressPhone Number
1Awaami Restaurant  RHXW+JPG, Khuzdar, Balochistan0333-3156688  
2Qadri hotal Rabia road Khuzdar  RJ46+25H, Khuzdar, Balochistan0332-8084682
3Mashallah Hotel & Restaurant  Khewat No.311 Moza Khuzdar Town M.A. Jinnah Road،, Khuzdar, Balochistan0333-7974601
4Lal Qila Restaurant Khuzdar  Shaheed Baba Street, Bolan Colony, Khuzdar, Balochistan 891000336-0355681
5Papa Gino’s Khuzdar  Umer Farooq Chowk, Khuzdar, Balochistan0333-7337235
6Chamrock Hotel and Restaurant Khuzdar  RH7X+VF6, Khuzdar, Balochistan0333-2723821
7Hijra-e-Aswad  NH-25, Khuzdar, Balochistan0332-2777699
8Food Station فوڈ اسٹیشنQJ8M+H6V, Khuzdar Cantonment Area, Khuzdar, Balochistan0323-2660066
9Super Shashan Hotel   Regional Cooperation for Development Hwy, Khuzdar, Balochistan0335-0325015
10Ayan Burger Point  Eid Gah Rd, Khuzdar, Balochistan0333-2278900

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