Top 10 Schools in Matiari

Top 10 Schools in Matiari. Education plays an important role in a country’s social and economic well-being. The goal of education is to lay a strong foundation for youngsters to develop for the rest of one’s life.

The world is changing so quickly that if you do not educate yourself, you will not only be left behind but you will also be finished. By learning to read, write, talk, and listen, education promotes the development of communication skills. Provide information about the city that belongs to you. Here is a list of the Best 15 Best schools in Matiari, Pakistan

Top 10 Schools in Matiari

Sr. No.Name of SchoolsAddressPhone Numbers
1Govt Boys High School Matiariown Committee Office, Near
2Government Boys Primary School MatiariHCWV+6JV, Matiari, Sindha
3Government girls High school MatiariGhost market, Matiari, Sindh 70150
4Govt. Girls College MatiariHCWV+2HG, Matiari, Sindh
5Government Girls Primary School Baqil PotaJC2W+2MR, Matiari, Sindh(022) 3331110
6Government Polytechnic Institute Matiari – STEVTAHCQX+W99, Matiari, Sindh(022) 2760483
7English Medium School-MatiariRC8H+6PM, Hala, Matiari, Sindh
8Sardar Muhammad Ali Shah Govt Girls Degree college MatiariUnnamed Road, Matiari, Sindh
9Government schoolUnnamed Road, Matiari, Sindh
10Isra Higher Secondary School NasarpurNasarpur, Matiari, Sindh, Nasarpur, Matiari, Sindh
11Government Girls Primary School Memon MuhallaRC8F+RGR, Hala, Matiari, Sindh(022) 3331110
12Girls High School HalaRC79+49M, Hala, Matiari, Sindh
13Govt. Primary School Makhdoom Amin FaheemRC79+HC9, Hala, Matiari, Sindh022) 3331110
14Superior Smart SchoolX99C+2W2, Saeedabad, Matiari, Sindh0333 2133977
15Government Girls High School Bhit ShahVIP Road, Bhit Shah, Matiari, Sindh

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