Defense Housing Authority Bahawalpur (DHA)

Defense Housing Authority Bahawalpur (DHA). Introduction of Bahawalpur: The district of Bahawalpur is located in Pakistan’s Province of Punjab. It is Pakistan’s 12th largest metropolitan, with a population of 3.66 million people and a land area of 24,830 square kilometers. Multan is 90 kilometers away, Lahore is 410 kilometers away, Faisalabad is 298 kilometers away, and Islamabad is 700 kilometers away.

It will now play an important part in the country’s economy by hosting a number of CPEC projects, including the Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park and the M-5 Motorway, which would span over 200 kilometers through the districts of Bahawalpur and Rahim Yar Khan.

History of Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur has a rich and historic past that spans thousands of years. Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan-I established the princely state of Bahawalpur in 1727 AD. Nawab Sir Sadiq Khan-V merged the state with Pakistan in 1951 AD. Three districts make up the Bahawalpur Region: Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, and Rahim Yar Khan. The ancient city of Uch is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (set up by Alexander the Great in 325 BC).

Famous Architectural Places in Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur Region is embellished with the most Famous elegant landmarks such as the

  • Derawar Fort
  • Darbar Mahal
  • Sadiq Garh Palace
  • Noor Mahal Palace
  • Bhong Mosque,
  • Nagar Mahal

The Sutlej Road passes through Bahawalpur, which is a fertile area. Wheat, gram, cotton, and sugarcane are the principal crops, while dates and mangos are valuable fruits. Sheep and cattle farming produce wool and hides, which are exported. Apart from sugar factories, soap production and cotton ginning are key industries. Homemade embroidery and elegant handcrafted pottery are also done by women. Nomadic shepherds live in Cholistan/desolate Rohi’s landscape. The soil of the Bahawalpur Region is excellent and well-known for cotton cultivation, but sugarcane has recently taken its place. In the Region, nine sugar mills have been built.

There is a Drug Court, an Anti-Terrorism Court, and a Lahore High Court Bench in Bahawalpur that has jurisdiction over the entire region. The Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park in Bahawalpur is the country’s first solar power plant, with a capacity of 1,000 megawatts of electricity and a land area of 10,000 acres. It has an airport as well as a medical College, Veterinary and Animal University UVAS Bahawalpur, Sadiq College Women University, Islamia University Bahawalpur, and South Punjab Secretariat also here.

DHA (Defense Housing Authority) Bahawalpur

DHA Bahawalpur (Defense Housing Authority) is a well-known corporate body that has aimed to provide Pakistani with unique modern living styles. By keeping up with the most prominent environmental innovations in the field of urban and community planning, it has improved the beauty of our cities and communities. By bringing creative concepts in the construction of housing, infrastructure, and vital associated utilities, it has introduced DHA Living, which is magnificently lively, pleasantly bright, and comfortable living.

Why We Choose DHA Bahawalpur For Investment?

Great historical heritage

The city of Bahawalpur is the palace of the East region kings and nawabs. The city is rich in royal heritage, with landmarks such as the Noor Mahal, Darbar Mahal, Derawar Fort, Tomb of Bibi Jawindi, and Abbasi Mosque dating back thousands of years. A development project like this will begin to better neglect South Punjab as a tourist destination, serving as a beacon of freedom.

Modern Living Standard

The goal of the DHA Bahawalpur project is to provide the exceptional people of Bahawalpur with a world-class, integrated, sustainable city with possibilities to live, work, and learn in a sustainable manner. DHA In every way, whether socially, economically, or environmentally, Bahawalpur is the city of your dreams. It’s a master-planned community with residential, commercial, institutional, cultural, civic, and recreational options to help you live the life you want. DHA Bahawalpur provides them with a high-end residential society in the city. Residents will be able to live a luxurious lifestyle.

Land Of Arts and crafts

Bahawalpur, which shares a border with the Cholistan, has a rich cultural background and is known for its arts and crafts. The clay pottery produced in the city is well-known. The artists are known for their delicately shaped pottery with painted patterns. Chunri, Gindi, also known as ralli (made using clothing patches), Mukesh work on clothes and colorful dupattas, and chassis are some of the other handicrafts.

Peaceful style of living

DHA Bahawalpur was designed with the goal of creating a city with great sustainable living. DHA has established itself as the ideal of urban development through previous projects such as developing residential communities for various people in much larger cities such as Karachi and Lahore. As a result, the project’s moderate but steady progress is assured. They are now working on projects such as a mini zoo, a Sunday bazaar, joy land, digital LED screen placements, and a food park, among others, in addition to residential housing.

Unique Demographics

Because of its location in the desert, the city has specific demography. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in a safe and secure environment near to nature, with all modern luxuries. The Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally is also a popular destination for Jeep lovers.

Silent Features Of DHA Bahawalpur:

  • Peaceful Environment
  • Best Infrastructure Facilities
  • Sports Grounds
  • Wide Carpet Roads
  • ROOts IVY School System
  • Banquet Hall
  • Banks
  • Community Parks
  • Family Shopping Malls
  • CIMS Collge
  • DHA FOOD Park
  • DHA Dancing Fountain
  • Central Park for Entertainment

Shooting Club DHA Bahawalpur

The DHA Shooting Club was founded to promote fun-filled and adventure-filled shooting activities to DHA members in particular, as well as the residents of Bahawalpur and southern Punjab as a whole. While there are no similar facilities in entire southern Punjab, this club offers state-of-the-art shooting facilities that meet international standards and is suited to conduct national shooting competitions. The club’s goal is to improve the skills of good shooters so that they can compete at a national level.

DHA Bahawalpur

Frequently Asking Questions (FAQ)

Q.1: What is the NDC application procedure, and how long does it take to clear?

Ans: After paying the DHA Transfer Fee, the NDC is forwarded to Finance Branch together with the following documents for clearance, which takes three working days: –

  1. Copies of the Seller’s and Buyer’s identity cards.
  2. A copy of the notification letter
  3. A copy of the DHA Transfer Fee Paid Challan.

Q.2: How does one obtain a letter of authorization from GHQ?

Ans: The desirous person’s application/request is directed to the W&R Dte (GHQ) for getting a NOC for the sale of the plot.

Q.3: How can I verify the Intimation Letter / Affidavit?


  1. The investor, landowner, or purchaser will submit an application to Director Land DHA Bahawalpur for verification of the Intimation Letter/Affidavit-2 in accordance with the required format.
  2. The applicant would be required to deposit Rs. 1000/- (Rupees one thousand only) into the DHA Bahawalpur account as verification charges.
  3. After receiving the verification money, the DHA will verify the document on the application form after conducting the appropriate record review.

Note: Relevant materials can be found in the Download section of the DHAB website.

Q.4: How will the applicant of a Plot/Farm House Launch obtain confirmation of their application?

The following are the options:

  • Manual

On the specified mobile phone numbers, all applicants will receive a confirmation message.

  • An online individual can check the status of his Ballot application form by logging in.

Q.5: Where do we get DHA Bahawalpur authorized property dealers List?

Ans: A list of authorized property dealers can be found in the ESTATE AGENTS section of the DHA Bwp website’s navigation bar.

Q.6: What are transfer fees and how does the transfer process work?

Ans: A schedule of transfer charges (10 Marla, 1 Kanal, 2 Kanal, 4 Marla Commercial plot, and 6 Marla, 9 Marla, and 12 Marla Villas) is published on the DHA Bwp website in the DOWNLOAD area.

Q.7: What is the cost of transferring Fees of an exemption file?

Rs. 51250/- is the answer.

Q.8: How can we obtain payment plans for various plot sizes?

Ans: The payment plan can be found in the DOWNLOAD part of the DHA Bwp website.

Q.9: What is the procedure for applying for a job at DHA?

Ans: After reading the advertisement in the newspaper, submit your CV and wait for a call from the DHAB HR Branch.

Q.10: What is the DHA induction procedure?

Ans: You must follow the steps outlined below:

Send your curriculum vitae for a position that interests you (as per your qualification)

Wait for a call from the DHAB HR Department.

The DHA will conduct the test and interview according to the timetable.

Q.11: Where can I apply for a job on the DHA website?

You can apply through the DHA Bahawalpur Official Website.

Q.12: Is the DHA a government agency?

Ans: This is a project that is being monitored by GHQ.

Q.13: Will I be able to sell my file if I am successful in the balloting?

Yes, the file of a successful application can be transferred.

Q.14: Could you please clarify the type of ballot that was held on January 31, 2019?

Ans: On the 31st of January 2019, DHA Bahawalpur held a ballot for the allocation of plot and villa numbers. The poll included all members who have paid their outstanding instalments and had their Intimation/Open Affidavit files transferred/allotted to their names. The poll assigned numbers for plot sizes of 10 Marla (installation), 2 kanal (installation), 4 Marla commercial & 1 kanal (installation and allocation), and villas of 6,9,12 Marla (installation).

Q.15: How long will it take for the installment to be updated on the website?

Ans: After getting the instrument, it will take 5-7 working days.

Q.16: What is the defaulter’s late payment surcharge for each day of default?

Ans: 18 percent per year on past-due payments.

Q.17: Has a date been set for the introduction of the planned ballot in 2019?

Ans: Balloting is planned to take place between the first and second weeks of September 2019.

Q.18: How do I cancel an Intimation Letter / Affidavit?


If the affidavit is chopped, changed, amended, or corrected in any way that makes it doubtful or non-transparent, the following approach will be used to cancel it.

  1. The investor shall submit an application to DHA Bahawalpur’s Project Director for the cancellation of Affidavit-2.
  2. After receiving approval from the competent authority, the applicant will be asked to deposit Rs.10000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand Only) into the DHA Bahawalpur account as cancellation charges.
  3. DHA will provide a new affidavit-2 to the applicant in place of the canceled affidavit-2 if the cancellation fee is paid.
  4. Only the changes specified in the application will be made to the contents.

Note: Relevant materials can be found in the Download section of the DHA Bahawalpur website.

Q.19: What are the costs of development?

Ans: It will be updated on the decision.

Q.20: When will the Grand Mosque be built and open to the public?

In the year 2019,

Q.21: When main road leading to DHAB will be completed?

Ans: By the end of the year.

Q.22: Is DHAB a gated or open society?

Yes DHA Bahawalpur is a gated community.

Q.23: How are services like water supply, sewerage, electricity, and gas doing?

Ans: The same is being worked on for sectors A, B, and C.

Q.24: Is there a theme park included in DHAB? Is there a theme park included in DHAB?

Ans: Yes, Theme Park also here

Q.25: Does the Overseas Community have its own block or sector?

Ans.:Yes, There is, in fact.

Q.26: Does DHAB have any plans to build a Central Digital Library?

Ans: It is being considered.

Q.27: Do you have any plans for an educational city or enclave?

Ans: Yes, there will be an education enclave in DHAB. NDU and NUML have already signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

Q.28: What are the many projects that are now underway?

Ans: Main Approach, 100x Villas, Sec A, B & C, Bridge & Main Gate.

Q.29: How does one go about becoming a Land Provider?

Ans: Please visit a land branch of DHA Bahawalpur for information regarding the procedure for becoming a land provider of DHA Bahawalpur.

Q.30: How would one go about selling their land to DHA?

Ans: For details on the procedure for providing land to DHA Bahawalpur, please visit the land branch of DHA Bahawalpur.

Q.31: What are the costs of development?

Ans: As soon as the development charges are notified, the details will be made available on the DHAB website.

Q.32: If I am a successful candidate but decide to cancel or surrender my plot, will I receive a refund?

Ans: No, such a policy does not exist.

Q.33: When will the balloting of Plot Numbers start happening?

The plot ballot date has yet to be announced. Please return to our website for the most up-to-date information. Please contact us at DHA UAN number 062-111-111-518 if you require any additional information.

Q.34: How will the applicant of a Plot/Farm House Launch obtain confirmation of their application?

The following are the options:

  • Manual

On the specified mobile phone numbers, all applicants will receive a confirmation message.

  • An online individual can check the status of his Ballot application form by logging in.

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