Top 10 Schools in Mehar

Top 10 Schools in Mehar. Education plays an important role in a country’s social and economic well-being. The goal of education is to lay a strong foundation for youngsters to develop for the rest of one’s life.

The world is changing so quickly that if you do not educate yourself, you will not only be left behind but you will also be finished. By learning to read, write, talk, and listen, education promotes the development of communication skills. Provide information about the city that belongs to you. Here is a list of the Best 16 Best schools in Mehar, Pakistan

Top 10 Schools in Mehar

Sr. No.Name of SchoolsAddressPhone Numbers
1Govt High School No 1 Meharndus Hwy, Mehar, Dadu District, Sindh0300 3259628
2Elia Public School Mehar 15RHC+2CW, Mehar, Dadu District, Sindh
3V.I.P High School MeharMehar Rd, Mehar, Dadu District, Sindh
4Sayed Ali Asghar Shah Primary School MeharMehar Rd, Mehar, Dadu District, Sindh
5Daud Mahesar School Mehar5RM9+MQP, Rampur Mehar, Dadu District, Sindh
6The student model high school mehar5RHC+8PG, Mehar, Dadu District, Sindh
7The Dawn Grammar High School MeharBhittai Mohalla , Mehar, Dadu District, Sindh0300 3212255
8Shining Star K.G Elementary School Mehar5RG8+G8M, Mehar, Dadu District, Sindh
9Al Beroni Model school MeharMehar Rd, Mehar, Dadu District, Sindh0300 3444989
10Al-Shafiqe School Mehar5RJ8+HV7, Mehar, Dadu District, Sindh
11Govt Girls Primary school MeharN-55, Mehar, Dadu District, Sindh
12PRIMARY SCHOOL VILLAGE GAHI MAHESSAR5RM5+PW9, Mehar, Dadu District, Sindh0304 8396989
13Qirop School MeharBetto by Pass Road, Mehar, 763300306 8592150
14Theba Girls School5R7J+P5F, Theba Mehar, Dadu District, Sindh0342 3087789
15Birght model schoolبرائٹ ماڈل اسکول مہڑ5RGH+R5W, Mehar, Dadu District, Sindh
16Arslan English Brilliant Academy.Gahi Mahesar Rd, Rampur Mehar, Dadu District, Sindh 763300306 3411559

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